Networking plays a major role in any infrastructure. If the networking infrastructure is not available, then all backend applications is not available for the organisation. Also network being the medium for all users to reach the computing infrastructure. We design LAN and WAN both type of network

Local Area Network ( Single Office Networking)
1. Understanding the application needs
2. Understanding the office layout for the LAN cabling/ Wireless LAN & arriving at the optimal cabling/ Wireless planning approach
Wide Area Network ( Multiple Office Networking)
1. Understanding the application needs
  • Bandwidth needs
  • Connectivity type
  • Load Balancing / Availability needs
  • Architecture recommended
  • Security Aspects
2. Understand the key reason for interconnecting the various offices.
3. Plan the medium for connectivity.
  • Internet
  • Private Leased Line/ Radio/ VSAT/ etc.
  • Load Balancing / Availability needs
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) using Service Providers
4. Analyse the Remote/ Mobile Access requirement.
  • Security/ Encryption/ etc.
5. Data & Voice Integration solutions.
  • Integrating Voice on Data Networks.
  • Telephony over Internet.