Air Purifier:

Air pollution is now recognised as a major critical global risk factor for disease. Increasing public awareness of air quality and the burden of disease caused by air pollution is an essential step in reducing air pollution and improving public health. We provide state of art patented technology product which helps to provide 99.9% clean air inside your Home /Office.

Digitizing Solutions:

Keeping your old records not only occupies your costly Space but also increases the threat of getting old documents getting damaged. We provide digitizing facilities to scan/index & save your important records on cloud or your hard drives.

Secured Printing Solutions:

A Large number of companies /Govt. Departments/Financial Institutions rely solely on pre-printed security paper to protect their high value documents.Though pre-printed security paper does a good job of securing the base document, it does not address the security of personal data which is added to the document at the point of print. By not securing personal data, companies/Govt. departments are leaving themselves vulnerable to unauthorized modifications, FORGERY or PHOTOCOPYING. We at PATHS GROUP help customers by adding another layer of protection to their documents. By adding personalized security features to each print file before it is routed to the printer, customer can now add in a layer of security beyond pre-printed stock, to create unique and secure document in their own office/premises.