software piracy by Tushar Shah of Paths Enterprise

Everything about Software Piracy by Tushar Shah

Greetings from Team ASIRT!

We are sincerely thankful to All Members for your timely Renewal for FY 2018-19 and continuous patronization of ASIRT. This month, let us talk about software piracy and what it means for us IT dealers and System Integrators.

All of us sell IT Solutions to our clients – both Hardware as well as Software. Many Dealers, just to save Customer’s money and to get Order, install illegal software on client’s machines. Is it correct?

The issue of software raids, which is much talked-about can be looked at from two perspectives; first from the point of view of an IP owner and enforcer, who wants to ensure absolute protection of their IP rights and the other being from the point of view of Customer – the raided party, to whom such treatment seems to be preferential and biased. The main reasons behind copyright piracy are poor enforcement and lack of awareness on copyright matters.

According to NASSCOM, software piracy involves the use, reproduction or distribution without having received the express permission of the Software Author.

Software piracy comes in four common forms –

• The first is end-user piracy, and it occurs when users of software install the software on more machines than they are entitled to under their license agreements.

• The second is hard disk loading, and it occurs when Computer Dealer – Technicians install illegal copies of software onto computers prior to their sale.

• The third is software counterfeiting, and it involves the illegal reproduction and subsequent sale of software in a form that is nearly identical to the original product.

• The fourth is Internet piracy, and it occurs when individuals place unauthorized copies of software on the Internet for download.

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